St Maria Goretti Girl’s Secondary School has been and will continue to be a sports power house in Kabarole district and Ruwenzori region.The School has produced great women in Uganda who continue to be leaders in sports, an example is the woman MP for kasese Ms Winnie Kissa who is parliamentary netball captain and a former student of SMG and a great netball player. Many students from SMG have got university scholarships and have studied or are studying in various Universities because of their sports prowess.

The school has always won trophies for keeps, this include trophies in netball, football and volleyball.

The School has a robust sports program that caters for many sports disciplines.

The School has always participated at national level in the disciplines of athletics, netball and volleyball.

Many other games are being introduced slowly in the school this include board games and in-door games.

Students always have aerobics most evenings after classes to keep fit and healthy