pionier club was stated in order to reduce drunkardness in students and provide opportunity for students at St. Maria Goretti Girls' Sinior Secondary School and other young people to work together for a better world.


The Debating club was started to help students gain confidence as they address the public. Student members of the Debating club are actively involved in the club activities and this has given them an opportunity to develop interest and broaden experience at the same time interacting socially.


All students are involved in this which is spornsered by Uganda Science Education Program (USEP). They are encorage to be creative through Science fair activities which a carried out every first and second term.

our students also participated a regional science fair competitions which was organized by Uganda Science Education Program (USEP), under the theme: “Secondary school curriculum and innovation”, The science fair competition engaged schools from different regions of the country.

The subjects which are involved in this include: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and ICT ««  Read More from New Vision  »»