Mass is said every Wednesday and Sunday then on Saturday mass is said from the cathedral which is a a few meters from the school. Every girl child is groomed well spiritually on these days

There is also recollection which is carried out once every term to enable student get back to the norms of the school and to keep righteous. This has surely enabled us to manage the students while at school, all student regardless of their religious difference must attend to this recollection

The school has a marvelous choir which encourages students to participate and develop talents in singing. the choir is by Sr. Litigated who has special gift in grooming student and making them great singers. she a has made the choir and adorable activities at school and every where.

Each class leads the choir for a week and girls serve at the alter as alter girls which give them the confidence of addressing the public. the chapel is always open for all student in case the want to carryout any personal prays in their free time.

Every year on the 7th of july we celebrate the fist day and student are usually confirmed. All parents are invited to this function to witness the confirmation.